Google are finally linking Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics by adding an SEO tab to the Analytics reporting under the traffic sources section.

SEO report in New Look Analytics

From the below screenshot it appears that this update will be available in the new version of Google Analytics and is currently only available in limited pilot:

The Analytics blogs says: “ope this will be the first of many ways to surface Webmaster Tools data in Google Analytics to give you a more thorough picture of your site’s performance.”What’s very interesting from a SEO perspective is that for a long time now we’ve been working with clients to attribute the right type of metrics to organic search, discussing the pros and cons of pure volume ranking, rather focusing on more qualitative metrics like the value of the user and their engagement with the site. The inclusion of the SEO reports within Analytics means that first this particular point starts to carry more weight and second we will have the ability to cross reference SEO reports with all other site analytics metrics directly from the Analytics interface.

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